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I don't know. She won't talk to me. I keep trying to text her and call her without being annoying. No answer.

Then it may be best just to move on at least for the immediate time.

I'm 15 and I had a girl over. My mom assumed she was my friend. The girl asked me out and we kissed and my mom walked in. My parents made her go home and we haven't talked since. And she has a boyfriend now. I'm so crushed. Idk what to do.

That’s hard.

There isn’t much you can do but try to move on. Is she happy with her boyfriend?

So I REALLY like this girl, and I think she like me back, but it's she lives 3,000 miles away and says she isn't ready for a relationship, she told me a while back to wait for her and so I am, but I feel like I'm being lead on, I talked to her about it and asked her if I should keep waiting or not but she just sent a period. What should I do? ;-;

Move on. If you are meant to be, you’ll find away to be together.

Okay so how do I approach a femme im new to being a lesbian and im so confused ... help???

Go up to her and say hi, how are you. And introduce yourself. Show interest in her and let her respond. Say a funny line and make her laugh and then just ask her out sometime. Whether for coffee or dinner…

Hey so Im a lesbian, I think. Idk if im bi because I still thik guys are cute but i wouldnt want to kiss one. Idk what do you think?

I still think very few guys are cute… It honestly just depends. I wouldn’t want them kissing me or anything either.

Just because you identify as one thing doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate someone else’s beauty.

So, I'm 17 and a senior, and there's a 14 year old freshmen from another high school, and she asked me to her school's homecoming. I'm not out to anyone really, but she is, and I'm a little weirded out by the age difference and going to a dance with her. I don't know what to do...

If you aren’t comfortable, don’t go. You gotta do what you are comfortable with.

Who is the girl in the gif set you just last reblogged? With the comments underneath like "the fact she's gay makes it hotter" or something similar .. I feel stupid for asking.

It’s Amber Heard and she’s bisexual. She’s engaged to Johnny Depp.

She’s a major girl crush for me, right under Ellen Page.

Hi, so I've seen you give a lot of good advice on your blog, and thought you might be able to help me. I'm a senior girl in HS, and I'm starting to develop feelings for this junior girl who I only sorta know (I've known her for a while, but never really gotten close). The thing is, she has a gf who she's semi-casual/semi-serious with. I'm starting to fall hard for her, but I'm not sure how to approach the situation gently. I want her to know how I feel, but not screw everything up with her gf.

Just tell her one day that she’s an extremely lovely person.

But either way you telling her is either going to hurt you because you can’t be together, or it’s going to hurt her girlfriend because it’ll end that relationship. But honestly if she does break up with her girlfriend for you, you did the right thing.

How would one embark upon a 'friends with benefits' type thing with someone? I think I have a chance but I need to build up more of a base with her before I can get there. Once I do though, I have no idea where I'll go or how to do it.

Communication. If you think you have a shot, chances are you do, so go ask them;)

So I decided to look through the hickies tag because my boyfriend doesn't give them to me but I kinda want him to. They look terrifying! Like I'm not joking they are just big fucking bruises what why how that looks painful. What are your thoughts on them?

They can be hot. Especially if you do them in places only you and them know about.

Hey, i was the angry one with the "best friend dating abusive person" issue... and yeah i wanna thank you. Cuz like everyone else i go to for help is telling me i should give up on her and cut her off... but you dont give up on friends. Thank you for understanding and for your advice, you're amazing. Thank you sooo much. I really needed someone who didnt think i was wrong to stick by her side. You give perfect advice, youre a lifesaver and thank you soooooo much

I really hope you both stay safe and can figure it out together. Just keep on being you.

Hi. I'm 15 years old and I've been confused about my feelings for a while. I finally came our to my close friends that I'm bisexual. Even that doesn't feel right because most of the time I don't like boys like that. I would want to label myself lesbian but sometimes I watch straight porn. 95% of the time I get grossed out by it. Idk any advice?

Lots of lesbians still watch straight porn. Jut because you watch straight open doesn’t make you any less gay.

If you aren’t attracted to boys and don’t want boys to be in your bed, then that kind of makes you a lesbian.

My advice to you is not to worry about the label, just kiss and date who you want.